Senior Does


Schatzgeiss RJ Flora GA1227417

DOB 02/2002

07/03 90 EEEE

Sire: Schatzgeiss TK Jester A1118433

Dam: Schatzgeiss AA Nosy Rosy GA0581786

Flora is my pink-nosed lover. In spite of her smaller stature, she is one of the heaviest milkers in my herd. She is productive even during hot weather. She has numerous RCH wins and several GCH wins. Because of her excellent conformation, I have used her unregistered buck kids with great success. She is the grand daughter of our first, unregistered, goats, but is Alpine through and through.



Schatzgeiss DF Guinevere AA1335320

DOB: 3/4/2005   06/01   90 VEEE

Sire: Troubled-Waters SDZ-A Finch *B


Dam: SG Schatzgeiss C-Dragon Daria


Guin’s personality is such a polar opposite from her dam.  She is cool, calm and collected and probably one of the best animals I’ve ever had here.

I have quite a few other does, of course, but as always, pictures are pending!