Senior Does


Schatzgeiss RJ Flora GA1227417

DOB 02/2002

07/03 90 EEEE

Sire: Schatzgeiss TK Jester A1118433

Dam: Schatzgeiss AA Nosy Rosy GA0581786

Flora is my pink-nosed lover. In spite of her smaller stature, she is one of the heaviest milkers in my herd. She is productive even during hot weather. She has numerous RCH wins and several GCH wins. Because of her excellent conformation, I have used her unregistered buck kids with great success. She is the grand daughter of our first, unregistered, goats, but is Alpine through and through.  Flora kidded on March 21 with two doe kids.


Schatzgeiss SD Annabelle AA1227416

DOB: 02/2002

Sire: *B Busy-B&D VT Spivitz AA1192768

Dam: Walstone SNB Denise AA0903842 10*M

Annabelle is actually my grandson’s goat. She is a big, deep-bodied doe and a heavy producer. She had triplets 3 years ago, twins the next year and two doe kids sired by Clyde this year.  So far one of the Clyde kids shows all the width his previous kids have had. The second take more after her mother.


Schatzgeiss DF Guinevere AA1335320

DOB: 3/4/2005   06/01   90 VEEE

Sire: Troubled-Waters SDZ-A Finch *B


Dam: SG Schatzgeiss C-Dragon Daria


Guin’s personality is such a polar opposite from her dam.  She is cool, calm and collected and probably one of the best animals I’ve ever had here.  I retained both her buck and her doe kid from this year – however Germaine, her buck, is now a happy camper on another farm.

Since Guin had other ideas, I was not able to AI her, but we did get her bred to Clyde for late April kidding.


Schatzgeiss DI Verdene  AA1351162
DOB 04/1102005  06/02 87 VEVV

Sire: SG Cozy-Hollow Kahos Intrigue


Dam: GCH Bayview Dallas 2*M


Verdene in both looks and personality is a lot like her dam, Dallas.  When it comes to food, you do NOT want to be between her and the bucket.  She does, however, give exceptionally nice kids.

One of Daria’s doe kids now calls Grenada home – with thanks to the Grenada Project ( )  Verdene is bred to Schatzgeiss TK Jester for early April kids.


Schatzgeiss Idabelle AA1370392

DOB 3/8/2006 03-02 89 V E V V

Sire: Schatzgeiss PI Magnum


Dam: Schatzgeiss RJ Flora


Idabelle is yet another whose personality is just like her mother’s.  But to say she’s laid back is an understatement.  She knows where she is in the herd order and, while not pushy, does make it clear that she can get her way!

The Schatzgeiss KM Paulownia GA1426856

DOB: 4/28/2006

05/01 89 VEVE

While I don’t have an official pedigree for Pauli as she was out of an unregistered Alpine and sired by a Grade Alpine buck,her grandsire is Goodwoods James and her granddam is Schatzgeiss TR Nosegay, one of my best animals.  Although small in stature, she milks like a champion and has one of the softest-textured udders in the herd.  She was bred to Bors fall of 2010 and kidded March 24 with a buck and doe.  The buck kid not only has wattles like his mom, he is black and white pied with a pink nose.  The doe kid has a pink nose, too, and is cou blanc.