Welcome to Arrowhead Farm dairy goats

We have been raising Alpine Dairy goats here east of Raleigh since 1991, and have been ADGA and NCDGBA members since 1992. We are also founding members of the Johnston County Goat Producers. While we are not a commercial dairy, we still love to milk and show our goats and, who knows, we may have a real dairy in our future. If you’d like to visit for a while to shop for soap or goats or just to get a goat fix, feel free to email or call us for an appointment.  Sadly, our insurance will  no longer allow us full farm tours, but we’d still love to have you visit and view from afar.



Flora, age 14, loves attention and noses.

We really enjoyed our time at the NC General Assembly spreading the Gospel of the Goat!  Agriculture is so important to our state and the members of the NC Dairy Goat Breeders Association are proud to play a part in it.

Our Mission Statement: The goal of our herd is to raise happy, long-lived and productive animals.  We keep our babies on their dams.  We realize that dam-raising rarely stretches the udder to maximum capacity, but the trade-off is an animal who will keep milking well into her teens, and healthy babies.  Oh, and the time not spent in cleaning bottles and bottle raising is instead used to play with baby goats; it’s the best therapy in the world. -Gordon & Leslie Averill